Bobbing For Pacifiers


  • Baby bathtub
  • Pacifiers
  • This is a great take off on the traditional “Bobbing for Apples” game. The supplies for the game can also be a nice gift for the mommy-to-be when you’re done. Some people may not be comfortable with “bobbing” after other people, so make sure it is a game that your guests will be comfortable with.


    Get a baby bathtub and fill it with water. Place a dozen or so pacifiers in the water. The guests have to retrieve as many pacifiers as possible using their mouths with their hands behind their backs in a given amount of time. Generally 1 minute is good enough to create competition. Two minutes may make it far too easy. The guest who retrieves the most pacifiers wins!

    To make the game tougher or yuckier, replace water with a food like applesauce or pudding. You could even make lemonade or some nice drink and bob the pacifiers in that. Your guests might actually enjoy all the dunking they have to do.