Tub Toss


  • 5-10 Baby Bottle Nipples
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Babies, bottles, and bathtubs, oh my! Take a few simple baby items and make a fun game, just what a frazzled baby shower host is looking for! This is a game everyone has played in some form or another, and with this baby twist the mother-to-be can walk away with a new bathtub for baby, too!


    Take the nipples from about 10-12 baby bottles, you may also be able to buy just a package of nipples without bottles at a baby store. Get a baby bathtub and place it 5-10 feet from where the player will stand. If placed at a distance this can become quite difficult because the nipples are fairly lightweight so make sure to judge accordingly.

    The aim of the game is for the guests to take turns tossing the nipples into the bathtub. The person who gets the most baby bottle nipples into the tub wins. For a short game, or with lots of players, you can have them each take one turn, for longer games give each player 2 or 3 turns. If there is a tie give the players one last tie-breaker turn to finish the game.

    Depending on the baby bathtub used, after the game is complete the tub makes a nice gift for the mother-to-be, too.