Animal Babies Match-Up


  • Sheet of Paper for each guest
  • Pens
  • This is a cute game, and can be as hard or as simple as you like depending on the animal pairs you select. Everyone knows a baby cat is a kitten, but how many know a baby Platypus is a puggle? Stump your guests or not, it is a great game for a baby shower.


    Make a list of animals and what their young ones are called. For example, Cow-calf, Pig-piglet, Goat-kid, Kangaroo-joey, Dog-puppy, Cat-kitten etc. On a large paper mix all the words and list them down randomly. Put the paper up on the wall.

    Give each guest a paper and a pencil and ask them to match and write down the mother-child pairs. The guests are likely to get most of the answers right but a few may surprise you with their lack of baby name knowledge. The one with the most correct wins.

    If you have a tie, keep one very hard mommy-baby pair for last and use it as a tie breaker, or extra bonus points if there are no ties.

    Free Printable Available

    We have a printable version of Baby Animal Match-Up in our free printable baby shower games section. We also have our free printable Baby Animal Name Game for a little more of a challenge!