Baby Belly Girth Guess


  • Ribbon, String, or Toilet Paper
  • Scissors
  • This is a really popular, classic baby shower game played at many showers before, but it never gets old. Just make sure the mommy-to-be is not sensitive about her “baby belly” or extra weight so as not to hurt her feelings. Since it can be played with any type of ribbon or string (even toilet paper!) it’s a perfect inexpensive and last minute game to throw together.


    Get a spool of thread or ribbon and ask each guest to cut off as much ribbon as they think is required to go around the belly of the mother to be. Some of the guests cut off ribbon that could go around the mother to be twice! Of course the mother to be may be offended if she is sensitive about her weight so tread carefully. The person closest to the actual girth wins.

    As a variation you can use toilet paper and have the guests pull off how many sheets around they think mommy’s belly is.