Baby Bottle Bowling Alley


  • 9 Baby Bottles
  • a Medium Ball or Softball
  • Set ‘em up, Knock ‘em down. This game is great fun and fits right with any sports or baby boy themed baby shower. This is also a great game for co-ed baby showers when fathers are present as well. Men can identify with the game even if they can’t with the bottles!


    You will need nine baby bottles and a medium sized hard ball, a softball or mini basket ball would work well. Create an alley by marking it out with lines on the floor using tape or, if outside, chalk. Fill each bottle with some water to give them a bit of weight so they don’t fall down so easily and set them up in a triangle formation at the end of the lane. Then just play a traditional game of bowling using the bottles for pins.

    Each person takes a turn and gets two rolls of the ball to knock down as many baby bottle “pins” as they can. When everyone has gone you start the turns over. A traditional game of bowling is 10 frames (or turns), but depending on the amount of people playing you may want to cut it down to 5 or 6 turns. Person with the highest score at the end wins.