Baby Bottle Ring Toss


  • 12-15 Baby Bottles
  • 5-10 Rings or Jelly Bracelets to toss
  • This is a take on the traditional carnival game of “Ring Toss.” Instead of glass bottles you will be using baby bottles. It’s can be rather difficult to play depending on the size of the ring being tossed so make sure to try it out before the party to make sure it’s not impossible for your guests to win.


    Get about 12 – 15 inexpensive baby bottles with nipples on them, the tall kind works best. Fill each bottle with water to weigh them down, then place the bottles in rows forming a square. Give each guest 5-10 “rings” and have them stand 5-7 feet from the bottles, the further away the more difficult the game so judge accordingly. You can use any type of ring, “jelly” bracelets you buy at the dollar store work well, but any ring that fits over the bottle easily will work, just make sure they have enough weight to them to be tossed.

    Each guest takes a turn tossing the rings at the bottles and trying to get them over the top of the bottle or nipple part. After the player has tossed his rings collect them up and it is the next player’s turn. You can play just 1 turn each, or if you want to make it last longer, let your guests go 2 or 3 turns each. The person who gets the most rings over the most bottles wins.