Baby Food Categories Game


  • 1 Sheet of Paper per guest
  • 1 Pen or Pencil per guest
  • Timer or Stopwatch
  • This game is a little harder than it looks and will have you laughing out loud at the answers some guests give. Some people will give very “non-baby friendly” foods, so be prepared to laugh.


    Make a list of categories related to food. Give each guest a paper and a pen and give them 1 minute per category to write down as many baby foods as they can. You’ll be amazed at what some mothers and especially non-mothers consider as baby food!

    When time is up have your guests read their answer aloud, non-baby foods don’t count. Don’t be shocked when you hear someone say “coffee” (or even sushi!).

    The person with the most accepted answers in the time allowed wins. For an extra twist have guests vote on the best and worst answers, too.

    Some food category examples are:

    1. Baby foods that are orange in color.
    2. Baby foods beginning with the letter D.
    3. Baby foods rich in calcium.
    4. Baby foods that can be stored in the freezer.
    5. Baby foods that smell great.