“It’s Also A Name!” – Baby Name Quiz

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

You might think a baby names quiz would be easy, but you’ll be surprised how many you might not know, and how many laughs your guests will have with this one. This quiz will test your guests baby name powers by having them find the baby names that match the definitions of everyday items. Can you guess a boy’s name that is “A craftsman who lays brick or stone” or how about a girl’s name that is “The Capital of France?”


Print out a copy of the baby name quiz for each guest. Pass out pens or pencils and set the timer for 5-8 minutes. Start the clock and have them write the baby name that matches the simple definition. When the time is up you can then either have one person collect the answers and read them to the group, or have each person read their answers one at a time. The person with the most correct wins!

A great, fun game most guests have not played before, and I dare you not to laugh at some of the answers you will receive. A great game for co-ed baby showers, too.

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