Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

Diaper raffles are the great new twist on a basic raffle and a hot new baby shower game this year. These Baby Shower Raffle Tickets make having one a breeze! You can either just give tickets out to your guests as they arrive for a nice door prize drawing, or you can create a “Diaper Raffle” allowing guests to “buy” as many tickets as they want for diapers or items. Not only is it fun, but mommy will go home with a nice stash of those much needed diapers.

This kit comes with 150 Baby Shower Themed Raffle Tickets for you to use. Box not included.


Hand out raffle tickets to each guest who brings a pack of diapers. Give one ticket for every 5, 10, or 20 diapers they bring. You could give out tickets for other items as well – bibs, onesies, blankets, etc. For a basic “Door prize” raffle you would just need to hand out 1 per guest as they arrive. Guests should then write their names on the tickets and have them collected. During the event have the mommy-to-be draw tickets to give away prizes. Easy and Fun!

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