Baby Shower Raffle


  • Raffle Tickets
  • Prizes
  • Door prizes are a simple and fun way to get a party started and a raffle is the easiest of all. With a few slips of paper and a couple fun prizes your guests will be bouncing in their seats waiting to hear their numbers drawn.


    As your guests arrive hand them each one half of a raffle ticket and place the other in a jar or bucket. You can easily print your own on your computer or buy a full roll of “real” raffle tickets online or at a party store. Once all the guests have arrived shake the ticket bucket up and get the mother to be to pull out the winning number (or numbers) and award a prize. You can easily draw a as many winners as you like to hand out door prizes or favors.

    For a twist, You can have a “Diaper Raffle.” Inform guests on your invitations that there will be a raffle at the shower and each ticket will cost them a baby supply item. Guests can then buy as many raffle tickets as they want with baby products like diapers, formula, bottles and bibs. Give one ticket per every 5, 10, or 20 diapers, or 1 per larger item like onsies, bibs, or bottles they bring. Some guests will end up with 1 or 2 tickets, other guests may end up with 10 or more tickets, but the mom-to-be will walk away the winner with all her soon-to-be much needed baby supplies.