Celebrity Moms & Dads “Who’s Who” Trivia

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

Does your mommy-to-be love Celebrities? Do some of your guests secretly watch Entertainment Tonight? Your guests will turn into a celebrity “fan”atic trying to figure out who’s who with these famous babies and their more famous parents.


Print out a celebrity baby trivia game sheet for each of your guest and hand them out with a pencil or pen. Give your guests a few minutes on the clock and have them match the famous Moms and Dads with their children’s names. You can then either have each person read their answers, or have one person collect the games and read them to the group. The person with the most correct wins!

A great game for co-ed baby showers, too. You might be hilariously surprised at who knows the right match-ups.

Click Here to Print Your Own Famous Moms & Dads Trivia Game