A Day With Baby


  • Timer or Stop Watch
  • List of "Chores"
  • Chore prop items (optional)
  • As any parent can tell you, a day with baby is not only sunshine and giggles. There is laundry, burping, feeding, cleaning, more feeding, more cleaning! Show all your guests how “easy” a day with baby can really be with this hillarious action game. This game will initiate the parents-to-be into handling some basic chores they will be doing for the next few years. We bet a mommy of 5 will win! You can play this as an obstacle course, or as a charades like game depending on your guests and the room you have.


    Make a list of challenges or tasks to be completed in a typical day like folding the laundry, diaper the baby, take out the garbage, sterilize the bottles, make the formula and clip coupons. Get 7-10 tasks in your list and get a stop watch or timer. You can either setup small areas around the room to represent the “chores,” like an obstacle course, or you can have the guest just act out the actions like charades if room is tight.

    Now have each guest complete the tasks on the list one at a time. During the turn have 2 or 3 random distractions for the player which the other guests get to shout out, and which must be incorporated by the person playing mom. Distractions can be answer the doorbell, answer nature’s call, get the phone, and pat the baby back to sleep. The guest who completes all the tasks quickest wins. Of course, the only way to actually win this one is to multi-task, which is a talent one really acquires only after having babies!

    Some ideas for chore areas include:

    • Fold Laundry: A laundry basket with baby clothes and one item must be folded
    • Take out Garbage: A “bag of garbage” that needs to be taken across the room
    • Sterilize Bottles: A small area with bottles that have to be set from one bucket to another.
    • Clip Coupons: A stack of coupons on a table with scissors and you have to cut out one.
    • Make Formula: An small area with a couple cups, one with water, one empty. The person has to pour the water from one cup to another 3 times.
    • Diaper Baby: Have a baby doll with a cloth diaper and safety pins and they must take off the diaper and put it back on.