Dirty Diaper Game Kit


Blue Dirty Diaper Game Kit

Pink Dirty Diaper Game Kit

Available in Pink & Blue. This adorable game kit gives your guests an easy game with some big laughs. Each kit is available in either Pink or Blue and comes with 10 cute diapers; 9 “clean and 1 “dirty”. More than 10 guests? You just need to buy enough kits so each guest has one diaper. 20 Guests = 2 kits; It’s that easy.


As each guest arrives they should each be given a diaper and pinned on. After all the guests have arrived and you are ready to play, have all the guests open their diapers. One diaper is a “dirty diaper” that has a small amount of brown fabric paint inside to truly look like poopey. The guest with the “dirty diaper” wins!

You can also play with a slight game Variation of the game “Don’t Say Baby.” If someone says the word “BABY” the person who notices it first takes their diaper! Whoever has the most diapers and/or the dirty diaper at the end is the WINNER! Great ice breaker and door prize game!

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