Feeding Time Food List Game


  • 1 Sheet of Paper per guest
  • 1 Pen or Pencil per guest
  • Timer or Stopwatch
  • This is a fun game and a great way for the mother to be to get ideas on what to feed the baby after it arrives. It much harder than it looks, so don’t be surprised if someone say tacos or coffee as an answer.


    Pick a phrase or combine the names of the parents so you have 8-10 words. The phrase could be something like — “Thank you for coming to the baby shower today!” or “What foods are healthy, nutritious and wholesome for an infant?” Ask each guest to list as many baby foods as they can by using letters from the phrase or the parents to be names. Mothers have an advantage over non-mothers so watch out.

    The person who names the most foods in the time allowed wins, or for an extra twist, let the guests vote on the best answers (or worst!) to select a winner.