“Get Packing!” – Hospital Packing List Game

($$$) This is a FREE baby shower game

Do you know what mommy will be packing to bring to the hospital? You might be surprised at her answers… and your guests! While many might guess she is bringing a robe or slippers, did anyone guess she was bringing her scrap-booking kit to get a headstart on her “baby’s first day” page? What about the player who thinks she will be bringing her dog? This is one easy game that will bring a lot of laughs… and explanations when mommy tells why she needs to bring her bikini waxing kit!!


Print out one sheet for each player (Mom-to-be, too) and pass them out with a pen or pencil. Have each guest write up to 22 things they think mommy will be packing for her trip to the hospital when her big day arrives. Anything can be a guess, but the only right answers are the ones that match mommy’s.

When everyone is finished, have the mother-to-be read her answers out loud to the group, letting each guest self-check their own answers. Make sure you have mommy explain the more “interesting” items she will be bringing for a few laughs. The player with the most matched answers to mommy wins.

For added fun you can also have your guests read the ones they got wrong, with an explanation for the more humorous items. You will be floored at some of the items your guests will list… and “No, she will not be bringing her 1970′s greatest hits album collection to the labor room!”

Click here to print out the “Get Packing” Hospital Packing Checklist Game