Pass The Pacifier


  • 1 Unsharpened Pencil or chopstick per guest
  • 1 Pacifier
  • Pacifiers are soon to be part of the mommy-to-be’s life in a big way, so why not give her, and your guests, a little close-up and personal time with them now. This game requires people to get very close, so make sure your guests are comfortable with each other and don’t mind being “face-to-face.”


    You will need a few unsharpened pencils (chopsticks work well, too) and a pacifier. Make sure you get the kind of pacifier that comes with a loop at the end. Give each guest a pencil and have them hold it in her mouth. Place the loop end of the pacifier on one of the player’s pencil. Have the players pass the pacifier from one pencil to another around the room without using their hands. Any player who drops the pacifier is out of the game. No fair cheating by refusing to accept the pacifier or dropping it on purpose! The last person left standing wins!