Puffy Paints Keepsake


  • Assortment of White Baby t-shirts, onsies, or bibs
  • Selection of Puffy Paint for Clothing
  • Large Sheet or Paper Table Cloth
  • Giving a present at a baby shower is great, but an actiivity that creates a handmade & sentimental present that is also useful for baby is spectacular! Let your guests create special gifts the mommy-to-be can use and will touch her heart. This activity is loads of fun and can get messy, too, so make sure to have a sheet or cloth to cover your table or floor.


    Buy lots of plain white baby tees, onesie outfits, rompers, or bibs. Any baby clothing in plain white will do. Get them in small and larger sizes so they can be worn for the first year is a great idea, as well. It is best to get lots of onesies since those are the most used piece of clothing by newborns.

    Get different colored puffy paints for the guests and cover a table or floor area with a cloth or sheet so your guests can use the paints without getting things dirty. Ask the guests to get creative and paint tees and onesie outfits for the baby to wear. They can draw or write special sayings or just sign the outfit with love…. let them use their imaginations, or set a theme and have each person use that.

    At the end of the baby shower present the mother to be with all the hand painted clothes. This makes a great baby shower activity and is practical too!