“Postage Paid” Baby Shower Raffle


  • Thank you cards with envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Pens
  • Bowl or bucket
  • Nothing is more tedious for the mom-to-be then having to address and send tons of thank you cards, she usually has many other things on her mind! This door prize raffle game makes it a bit easier on her later and she will absolutely appreciate it!


    Buy “Thank you” cards for mommy-to-be to use after the baby shower. Set up a small table or area where you can place the stack of “postage paid” envelopes from the cards. Supply some pens and a large bowl or bucket as well. As each guests arrive have them put their name and address on one of the stamped envelopes and place it in the bowl.

    During the event (or at the end) mix up all the envelopes in the bowl and pull a winner for a door prize.

    After the party present the guest-of-honor with the thank you cards and the stamped, addressed envelopes. This is a great way to have a door prize raffle that also give a gift that is much more appreciated than you would think.

    Note: You can place stamps on the envelopes after the raffle in case a guest messes up while writing you won’t lose the stamp. Just make sure to place the stamps on the envelopes before presenting them to the mother-to-be as a gift.