“Who Am I?” Famous Mommies Game

($$$) This is a FREE baby shower game

Finding a fun and creative way for guests to get talking and mingle is one of the hardest jobs a hostess has, and this fun ice breaker game makes it simple. A perfect game for arriving guests to play while waiting for things to get going.


Print out and cut up one set of the game cards with the names of famous moms on them. You would typically include the name of mother-to-be and even some family members on the cards, too. For a themed event, or if the mom has a favorite show, you can add her favorite celebrity moms. They can be fictional moms or real people, the choice is yours. You will just need to make sure you have enough for each guest. We’ve included some blank cards for any additions you have.

At the shower, as each guest arrives, tape one of the name cards on the guests back without letting her know who it is she received. Your guests must then mingle about the the room asking other shower guests “yes” or “no” questions about the identity of the “mom” on their back. Questions like “Am I fictional?”, “Am I on a TV show?”, “Do I have Blonde Hair?”. Guests can only reply a yes or a no answer. The first guest to guess what mommy they are wins!

You can stop at the first winner, or if you need more time, or the guests are having fun, keep it going for multiple winners. You can even play it out until everyone guesses “Who Am I?”

This is a super way to get your party guests talking and having a good time. A fantastic ice breaker game for any group.

Click here to print out the “Who Am I?” Famous Mommy Game Cards