Who Knows Mommy / Who Knows Daddy?

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

Put the spotlight on Mommy (Daddy, too!) and make her the center of attention in this fun game all about her!

Available for in versions for both Mom and Dad, each download includes a “Who Knows Mommy?” game and a “Who Knows Daddy?” game. It’s the perfect idea for a co-ed shower, but can be just as fun to play at a “girls only” event.


Print out a game sheet for each player and hand them out with pencils or pens. Have your guests answer the questions about the Mom-to-be and find out “Who knows Mommy” best!

Have mommy fill out a game sheet too (these will be the game’s correct answers) and when everyone is done have her read the answers out loud. The player with the most correct answers wins!

To get Dad in on the fun, at a co-ed shower have mommy and daddy go one after the other, or for a “Girls Only” shower have Daddy fill out the “Who Knows Daddy?” sheet before the event and use his answers for the game, even mommy can get in on the action this way.

Full directions for “Who knows mommy & daddy best?” is available with download.