My Water Broke! Ballon Toss


  • Water balloons
  • Towels (optional)
  • This is a wonderful game for a casual, summer time baby shower. Played outdoors it can be a fun way to cool off your guests and have a great time with those three little words every soon-to-be daddy is waiting to hear… “My Water Broke!”


    Buy some medium sized balloons and fill them with water. Pair up all your guests into teams. Give each team a water balloon ‘baby’ and tell them they have to pass the baby to each other. Make them stand 8-10 feet apart and have them toss the baby at each other. Of course if the baby falls they have to shout, “My water broke” and they are out of the game.

    The pair tossing the baby longest wins. Be prepared to have lots of water on the floor. This game is best played outdoors or some place that doesn’t mind a mess.