“Scratch This” Scratch Card Game


  • 3x5 Cards (enough for all guests)
  • Dark Marker or pen
  • Silver wax crayon
  • Diaper pins (optional)
  • Everyone loves the fun of a scratch card just like the ones you get a church raffles or fair. So why not make your own homemade baby version for your guests to play at your shower. You can easily give them out as guests arrive making for a great door prize game.

    Making The Cards

    Draw baby related items like diaper pins, bottles, rattles, bibs, teats, blocks and cradles on 3×5 cards or colored card stock with a dark pen or marker. Make three matching items on as many scratch cards as you want winners, the rest of the cards should have 3 unmatched symbols. Using a silver wax crayon color over the drawings in a thick coating. You should be able to use a coin or fingernail to scratch the crayon color away to reveal the prize symbols below. Make sure to do a test copy before creating them all.


    When the guests arrive hand each one a scratch card and ask them to hold them until everyone arrives. Give each guest a coin (a diaper pin works, too!) and ask her to scratch the silver off. The guest who gets the three matching items wins!