Baby Bottle Relay Race


  • Two Teams
  • 2 Baby Bottles
  • 4 Medium-Large Buckets
  • This is a fun game to play and can be hillarious to watch. The smaller the bucket used the harder (and more funny) the game can be, so plan accordingly.


    You will need two baby bottles, four buckets, and two teams.

    Place two buckets near each other and the other two approximately 6-10 feet in front of them. Divide players into two teams, and then divide each team in half. Place each half of the team at a bucket.

    When the relay race begins, a player from each team puts a baby bottle between their legs and runs as fast as they can to the bucket that is 6-10 feet away. When they get to the bucket they must drop the bottle into the bucket without using their hands. If they drop the bottle at anytime they must take the bottle back to the start and try again. If they get the bottle in the bucket, then next player on their team gets the bottle out of the bucket, places it between their legs, and races across to the other bucket. You keep going until all player on one team have finished successfully.

    Which ever team finishes first are the winners!

    Submitted by Jennifer B.