Baby Food Feast


  • Teams of 3 Players
  • 2 Blindfold per team
  • 1 Spoon per team
  • 1 individual apple sauce/pudding cup per team
  • Sometimes the hardest thing a mother has to do is get her baby to eat. So why not give her, and your guests, some practice and some big laughs. It’s a great photo op so make sure to have your cameras out!


    You will need teams of three, 2 blind folds per team, 1 baby spoon per team, bibs, and baby food.

    Split your guests into teams of three. Two of the three people on each team will be blindfolded and will stand across from one another. One of the blindfolded players will feed the other blindfolded player baby food, while the third player coaches the feeder which way to go (left, right, up, or down). The first team to empty all the baby food wins!

    Hint: Try using individual cups of applesauce or pudding cups you can buy at the store to make the game better tasting and empty out half of each cup so you won’t make the players sick by eating too much too fast.

    Submitted by Jennifer B.