Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo (5 colors)

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

5 colors and styles to choose from (see below)

Gift Bingo is one of the most popular bingo games to play at a baby shower. There are many variables since it’s all about what gifts mom gets, but the basics are the same. Each guests get a game card then crosses off a square as the mommy-to-be unwraps that gift. First one with “Bingo!” wins.


The baby shower bingo game below is a “pay to print” game, but they can be personalized with the new mom’s name and other details including the gifts she might be getting to add to the bingo card squares.

Give each guest one of the unique bingo cards and as mom opens her gifts guests cross the items off their bingo cards until someone gets bingo. Use either generic baby items she will probably get, or pull the items right off of the mom-to-be’s gift registry list for use in the game.

For those who are having more than a couple of guests, or just don’t have the time (or want) to make cards by hand, it might just be the perfect thing.

It is a simple to use bingo card generator to make as many unique cards for your guest, no matter how many you need. Quick and Easy, just let it know some details (# of guests, mommy’s name) and the generator does it for you, ready to print out for your shower.