Printable Baby Shower Outburst! Cards

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

A fast and fun (always funny!) baby shower game everyone will be talking about. Have guests name (shout, scream out, burst out) as many baby items from a category list as they can in 60 seconds. Play in teams for larger groups or individually for smaller parties. 32 Printable category cards included in the pay-to-print version here. This printable version allows you to add a personalized message at the tops of the cards, too.


Print out one set of the game cards. Split your guests into teams. 3 or 4 teams is usually good, but more is okay if you have a lot of people playing. You can also play individually if you have a very small gathering. The host, or mommy-to-be, should be the card reader.

Teams take turns one at a time. The card reader picks a category card and tells the first team the category listed on it. That team then has 60 seconds to shout out as many category answers as they can (category answers are listed under the category on the game cards). The card reader can either cross off the correct answers from the card as they are shouted out by team players, or just keep track of the number of correct answers on a sheet of paper. After their 60 seconds are up the next team goes. The card reader picks a different category for the second team (the teams should never play the same cards again) and they have 60 seconds, again keeping track of the number correct answers shouted out. Each team takes turns with a new category card until all the categories cards are done. The team with the most points at the end of the cards is the winner.

This is a great game for co-ed showers, and it a blast to play with a large group. Nice fun “action game” where no one ever has to leave their comfy chairs!

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