Bottles Up! Drinking Game


  • 1 Baby Bottle per guest
  • Assortment of Beverages for bottles
  • Nothing says funny like grown men and women drinking from baby bottles, and this game is no exception. This baby shower drinking game is a lighthearted and entertaining game your guests will love. Fill each bottles with your favorite beverage and have yourself an old fashioned “chugging” contest. Great game for a co-ed baby shower!


    Get one baby bottle for each guest. Fill each bottle with a drink of your choice and give one to each guest. When you say “GO!” the guests begin their “feeding time.” The first player to drink the contents of their bottle is the winner.

    For a funny variation, seal the nipple on one of the bottles before giving it to the guest. No matter how hard that player tries, nothing will come out of their bottle. You will be surprised how long people will continue to try even when nothing comes out! For all of their effort make sure that player gets a prize, too!