Don’t Say Baby – Tokens & Taboo Game


  • One "token" item for each guest
  • Baby showers are, of course, filled with the word baby. “When is the baby due?” and “what are you naming the baby?” will come up more than “Can I get you a soda.” Why not make it a bit more interesting and make that always present word taboo! No more saying baby, now your guests can say “the soon-to-be kiddo” and “the newest addition” instead. You will have normally shy ladies grabbing tokens from each other when someone slips up with this game.


    Select a word that is considered “Taboo” for the duration of the baby shower. “Baby” is the most widely used, but “pregnancy”, “mommy”, or even “labor” are all possible taboo words. As soon as a guest arrives at the baby shower, tell her what the taboo word(s) are and give her 1-3 “tokens”. The bigger the party the less tokens you need to give. Give a few more tokens per person for smaller groups to help the game be a bit more fun. Safety pins, clothes pins, plastic bracelets, even a small ribbon, anything that can be passed around easily makes a perfect “token”.

    During the course of the shower if a guest hears another guest using the taboo word, she can take a token from her. The guest with the most number of tokens at the end of the baby shower wins the game.

    For a themed shower you can use a “token” that is related to it. So if you are having a Hawaiian baby shower theme, get leis to use as tokens. For a garden theme baby shower you can use flowers as tokens and so on.

    This is a great ice breaker game as it gets guests who do not even know each other talking and trying to get token from people they have never met.