Dress The Baby


  • 1 Baby Doll per team or player
  • Baby Clothes and accessories
  • I could do that “with one hand tied behind my back!” You’re on! Race other mommies and see who can dress baby the fastest. Great for coed baby showers where the couples can play in teams.


    This game can be played individually or in teams of 2 or 3 players. Get a toy baby or baby doll for each guest or team of players. Give each group one baby doll, a set of clothes for the baby, a cloth diaper with diaper pins, a bib. The set of clothes should be a complicated piece of baby clothing like a full button down romper and little baby socks. Now each group must dress the baby as fast as possible. However, each guest is only allowed to use one hand.

    If your guests are playing the game single it can become very tricky. In groups too you’ll be surprised at how much co-ordination a simple task as this can require! This game is great fun and really gets your guests working together and interacting.