Name That Tune


  • CD or Tape of Music/Songs
  • Sheet of Paper for each guest
  • Pens
  • Can you name that tune? Every baby loves a lulluby, so why not give mommy a crash course in the music that will be stuck in her head for years to come. This fun game will have your guests singing a happy tune and laughing out loud.


    Get a cd (or setup your ipod with them) of baby nursery rhymes, lullubys and popular songs that has only the music or tunes on it, instrumental versions with no lyrics. Set up your music player so that all your guests can hear the tunes.

    Give each player a sheet of paper and a pen. Play each song for a short period of time and ask the guests to guess which nursery rhyme or song it is and have them write it down on their sheet of paper. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins.

    You can also play it as a “shout it out” type game and let your guests just call out the names until someone is correct, then give an extra point if they can “sing a few lines”. Just make sure you have someone keep track of the score.

    As a nice addition you can make a cd or tape of the songs and make a gift of all the music to the mother to be.