Fun Baby Shower Bingo Variations

($$$) This is a PAID baby shower game

You’ve might have played baby shower bingo before, but not like this! Here are new versions of baby shower bingo we are sure you haven’t seen before, and are certain to make your baby shower fun. There are many variables, from family members’ names, to safety bingo, to even an icebreaker version to get your guests talking and mingling, but the basics are the same. Each guests get a game card then crosses off a square if they have the item (or person!). First one with “Bingo!” wins. The baby shower bingo games below are all “pay to print” games, but they can be personalized with the new mom’s name and other details.

Baby Safety Bingo

What better way to help a new Mom learn about Baby Safety than a few fun and games! Safety Bingo includes a Baby Safety Checklist to read before pl…Read More

Baby Shower Family Bingo

This fun bingo twist will tickle your guests! Instead of baby items or gifts, we let you type in names of the baby’s new relatives in each bingo sq…Read More

Baby Shower Guest Bingo

How do you break the ice when you have over 30 guests? With Guest Bingo! Guests will be persuaded to mingle when they try to find someone who fits …Read More

Spanish Baby Bingo РBingo Del Bebé

Now your favorite Baby Shower Game is in Spanish! Just like Baby Bingo, the game cards are pre-filled with Baby items and you can scramble all the …Read More