Traveling Light


  • 1 Diaper Bag or Canvas Bag per team
  • Large Assortment of Baby Items
  • As any parent will tell you that once a baby arrives, traveling light or with a backpack is a thing of the past. And, as any parent will tell you, the bag you do carry is usually overflowing and stuffed to the brim! Here is a game to help your mommy-to-be practice that all important skill of filling her diaper bag.


    This game can be played individually, if you have a small group, or for a large party, divide your guests into 4-5 teams.

    You will want to get enough medium sized diaper bags or canvas carry-all bags as you have players. Give each team or player a baby bag and tons of baby stuff like diapers, baby wipes, bibs, clothes, bottles, formula, hot water thermos, pacifiers and toys. More items that could possibly fit in the bag easily. Make sure each team or player has the same amount of items so it is fair.

    The aim of the game is to pack all the baby stuff into the bag as quickly as possible without them falling out. Of course you must ensure that all the stuff will go in only if the bag is packed with extreme patience and frugality of space as only a seasoned mother can do. You will be surprised how badly some people pack a bag, and even more surprised at how well some others can.

    This is a great game for a coed baby shower as you can pair up the couples in teams and see how “mommy” and “daddy” work together.